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Kayla is the Public Relations Advisor and Head Content Creator for Digity. She loves helping users of all ages and walks of life understand and appreciate the computers, tablets and smartphones that keep our businesses, well, in business.

Handy Facebook Page Tools for SMBs

Facebook Pages are a great tool for businesses to reach out directly to their audience.

Creating and managing a Facebook Page for your small or medium business is a great way to keep current clients engaged, gain new leads and receive feedback from your audience. There are many tools included in the administrator panel that will help you get the most from your page.

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How to optimize your Outlook Email with a simple trick

A business woman uses her phone and laptop to check her email in a home office.

Running a small business means sending, receiving and responding to a hefty amount of emails daily. Some days it seems impossible to get through every email! If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can actually create folders and have emails automatically sorted into those folders to help prioritize what you read first. The process for automatic sorting is referred to as Rules. There are a number of different rules you can create to alert you of specific emails so that the most important messages can be addressed immediately.

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