The Most Common (and Expensive!) Network Mistakes

network mistakes

The computer network is at the heart of every small business technology infrastructure. And yet, many owners suffer from the complications, delays, and breakdowns that are the consequences of foolish actions. To take advantage of everything your network has to offer – and avoid potential headaches – here is a look at some of the most common (and expensive!) network mistakes.

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Keeping Your Small Business Computer Network Safe

Small Business Computer Network Safe

A computer network can be a great benefit to your small business. However, if left unprotected, a network can make all of your information vulnerable to any unauthorized user. In order to take advantage of everything a network has to offer, it is important to install proper security measures. Here are 8 steps we recommend to keep every small business computer network safe.

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How a Computer Network Can Improve Your Small Business

Computer Network Can Improve Your Small Business

We finished our last post with a question about how a computer network can improve your small business. Because, let’s face it. Every small business needs its technology to work for them. Whether it is improving the productivity of your employees, strengthening connections with your customers, or solving your daily problems, you need the right technology for your company. So just how can your network improve your small business?

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Tech Academy: Computer Networks

computer network

Has anyone ever asked you about your computer network? What kind do you have? How big is it? How is it set up? It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person operation or a growing small business – your network is at the heart of your company’s technology. To help you understand more about the basics, today’s Tech Academy is dedicated to exploring the ins and outs of computer networks.

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End of Year Checklist for Small Business Owners

end of year checklist for small business owners

It’s easy to get distracted at the end of the year. Many businesses experience a slow down, your calendar is full of holiday parties, and vacation days loom on the horizon. Despite all these diversions, December is the perfect time to get your business house in order and primed for the year ahead. To finish off the year with a bang, there are 7 things that should be on the end of year checklist for small business owners. Take the list, check it twice and who knows…your business just might end up being really “nice.”

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3 Things to Look For in Your Virus Protection

virus protection

Whether you have purchased a new computer for your small business or are trying to extend the life of an old one, anti-virus software is an essential part of your security program. However, with dozens of companies and websites offering “the best” anti-virus protection – and with prices ranging from free to not-so-free – choosing the right virus protection program can often seem like an overwhelming task.

With virus protection, high prices and popular brands do not always mean the best choice. And while some free programs are adequate, others can cause more trouble than they solve. In order to determine the best program for your company, you need to look carefully at the different features and terms of services to ensure you are getting the protection you need. However, with all the different claims and guarantees, it can be hard to determine which ones are the most important. In reality, there are 3 features that are the most important when picking your anti-virus software. The software that contains all three – and is in your budget – will be the program of your dreams.

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How to Become a Great Leader

TED Talks are conference presentations from some of the leaders in Technology, Education and Design (TED). While TED has been producing these talks since the 1980s, their popularity skyrocketed in 2006 when the decision was made to put videos of the talks online.

There are literally thousands of amazing talks available on the site. For all our small business owners, the one we wanted to share today is Roselinde Torres’ “What it takes to be a great leader.” Torres shares her experiences from studying and training leaders of some of the country’s greatest businesses. These insights are valuable for all small business owners who are looking to help their employees and their business reach their full potential.

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