Tech Academy: Firewalls


Picture this. You’re on your computer at work. You’re searching for a specific piece of information. You click on a link that promises to provide the answer. And then, all of a sudden, your search screeches to a halt. Instead of going to the chosen website, you get a message stating that “in order to protect your computer, this program has been blocked by your firewall.”

While it might be annoying in the moment, your firewall has just saved your computer (and your entire system) from potential harm. So just what are firewalls? And why are they an important part of your small business Internet security system?

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Introducing the Digity Download Newsletter


When I founded Digity in 2004, I wanted to create a superior tech support company. One that would service all the technology demands of the small business owner. Since that time, Digity has distinguished itself as a leader in the field by always putting the needs of our customers first. Yes, we provide secure remote technology support, proactive maintenance, award-winning virus protection, and online backup software. But we also encourage our agents to do whatever is necessary – and to take as long as they need –  to solve your problems. We’ve thrown away the scripts and the time limits, ensuring that your business gets the help it deserves.

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Office365: Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions


The Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of software programs found on a large number of business computers. Traditionally business owners purchased a bundle of programs (such as Word and Excel) and installed them on their company computers. They would then use that software until the time came to upgrade to a newer version. However, with the introduction of Microsoft Office 365, small business owners are finding that things have changed. To help you understand, use, and manage your subscription, we answer ten of the most frequently asked questions about Office365.

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Choosing the Right Office Space for Your Small Business

choosing the right office space

Whether you are looking for your very first space or trying to upgrade your current digs, choosing an office space can be an exciting and challenging time for any business owner. To help you on your quest to find the perfect home for your company, we’ve pulled together a list of 5 things you need to keep in mind when evaluating potential spaces. By using this checklist, you can rest assured that you are choosing the right office space for your small business.

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8 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Tech Support

tech support

Business owners depend on all aspects of their company running smoothly and efficiently. When a computer malfunctions or a server goes down, you need the problem fixed as quickly as possible. As many small businesses depend on an outsourced tech support firm to solve their problems, this means making a phone call and hoping to reach a miracle worker on the other end.

Since many business owners rank calling tech support with getting a root canal in terms of excitement, it is important that you know the tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your experience. With a few extra steps on your part, you can help ensure that your technology gets back on line as quickly as possible.

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Taking Advantage of Holiday Discounts

holiday discounts

As we head into the period of holiday shopping, small business owners are always looking for ways to take advantage of the “buy” mentality that seems to take over our country. However, in between the deep discounts and crazy (and expensive) marketing campaigns, it can be difficult for a small business to know how to best balance the lure of a promotion with the cost of discounted products and services. To help make sure that you please both your customers and your budget, keep these coupon practices in mind for your holiday discounts.

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5 Signs Your Small Business Needs New SMB Tech

Digity was mentioned in Mashable Business! Keith was featured, along with Jamie Sutherland of Xero, in this article about signs that your small business needs new SMB tech solutions. Awesome!

[ Link : 5 Signs Your Small Business Needs New Tech ]

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New Malware Attacks Apple Products


For the small business owner, every tech decision is made based on a variety of factors. Two of the biggest factors include price and return on investment. For small business owners who choose to use Apple products (including Mac desktops, laptops, iPhones, and iPads) the generally higher price is offset by different features, programs, and traits that provide the business with a higher return. One of those features is the fact that Apple products are, historically, less susceptible to malware attacks.

It is possible that this is about to change.

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