How to optimize your Outlook Email with a simple trick

A business woman uses her phone and laptop to check her email in a home office.

Running a small business means sending, receiving and responding to a hefty amount of emails daily. Some days it seems impossible to get through every email! If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can actually create folders and have emails automatically sorted into those folders to help prioritize what you read first. The process for automatic sorting is referred to as Rules. There are a number of different rules you can create to alert you of specific emails so that the most important messages can be addressed immediately.

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Is Your Business Ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10 Upgrade for Businesses

By now, you’ve surely heard the buzz about Windows 10. Microsoft is working hard to upgrade every machine to its newest operating system, which is angering some users who prefer older versions of Windows. Upgrading home computers is one thing, but businesses? Now that is a different conversation!

Business infrastructure is a complex beast, especially when it comes to technology and IT. Upgrading one thing can send unanticipated ripple effects across the organization. Here at Digity, we want to make sure our clients understand their options when it comes to upgrading, so we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before you take the plunge — plus a very special offer.

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How to Use the Cloud in Your Small Business

use the cloud in your small business

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about the cloud: what it is, how it works, and what you need to know. While you should have a good solid foundation about the cloud at this point, there is still one lingering question: how do you actually use the cloud in your small business?

We’ve briefly talked about some of these cloud services when talking about the pros and cons of the cloud. While there are many different cloud programs, services, and platforms, in the end there are four basic ways that you can use the cloud in your small business.

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10 Things to Consider Before Moving Your Small Business to the Cloud

moving your small business to the cloud

Many small business owners are seriously considering moving their company to the cloud. The thought of easy access to their information, reliable backups, and reduced costs seem to make this choice a no-brainer. However, there are a few things to think about before moving your small business to the cloud. By considering these 10 factors, you’ll make sure that you are actually making the best decision for your small business. 

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Essential Goals for Every Small Business Owner

goals for every small business owner

Usually, January is the month for resolutions. The list of goals for the upcoming year can range from getting in shape, to planning a great vacation, to getting finances in order, and so much more. However, for a small business to succeed, it is important to continuously set, examine, and redefine your goals throughout the year. As days pass by, and distractions pop up, goals keep you focused on what is important for your success. To help you on your path, we’ve pulled together a list of  5 goals for every small business owner. By adopting these goals, and working towards them all year long, you will see your business grow and thrive.

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Should My Small Business Hire a CTO?

should my small business hire a cto

Consider this. You wake up one morning with a fantastic idea. An idea of how to make people’s lives better. Simpler. Awesomer. It also happens to be an idea that seems guaranteed to bring you business success. After careful thought and planning, you eventually put the idea into action. Whether by yourself or with a trusted partner (or two), you open up your business. Your dream has finally become a reality.

In the beginning, you’re pumped. You’re ready to take on every single challenge. Then, slowly, you start to realize something. There are A LOT of things to think about. As your business grows (including your customer base and your number of employees), you find that so many precious moments of your days are stolen away by someone else’s problem or question. You find yourself continually frustrated with the lack of time you have to actually focus on the things that YOU do well.

Sound familiar?

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How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

Clean Up Your Online Reputation

For a small business, reputation is everything. You depend on satisfied customers to not only return, but to tell their friends and family about how wonderful you are. While reputation used to depend solely on word-of-mouth, the image of today’s small business is largely created by what is found on the Internet. In order to help your company succeed, it is important that you take the time to clean up your online reputation.

To help you get started, we recommend following these 5 steps:

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Spring Cleaning Your Small Business: A Checklist

spring cleaning your small business

Spring has officially arrived! With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s the perfect time to give your business a thorough cleaning. From your physical space to your online presence, spring cleaning your small business helps keep you on track towards your yearly goals.

Not sure what needs to cleaned? Take a look at our spring cleaning your small business checklist. Then set a goal to tackle an item every day (or every week). Before you know it, your business will look all shiny and new.

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How a Computer Network Can Improve Your Small Business

Computer Network Can Improve Your Small Business

We finished our last post with a question about how a computer network can improve your small business. Because, let’s face it. Every small business needs its technology to work for them. Whether it is improving the productivity of your employees, strengthening connections with your customers, or solving your daily problems, you need the right technology for your company. So just how can your network improve your small business?

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