Handy Facebook Page Tools for SMBs

Facebook Pages are a great tool for businesses to reach out directly to their audience.

Creating and managing a Facebook Page for your small or medium business is a great way to keep current clients engaged, gain new leads and receive feedback from your audience. There are many tools included in the administrator panel that will help you get the most from your page.

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How to optimize your Outlook Email with a simple trick

A business woman uses her phone and laptop to check her email in a home office.

Running a small business means sending, receiving and responding to a hefty amount of emails daily. Some days it seems impossible to get through every email! If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can actually create folders and have emails automatically sorted into those folders to help prioritize what you read first. The process for automatic sorting is referred to as Rules. There are a number of different rules you can create to alert you of specific emails so that the most important messages can be addressed immediately.

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Tech Academy: The Cloud

the cloud

“The cloud” is a term that is thrown around a lot in modern technology and business conversations. From storage, to software, to backups, many different services promote the fact that they are cloud-based. But just what is the cloud? And why is it a good thing? Or is it? In today’s Tech Academy, we’ll take a look at this technology that is changing the way the world does business.

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5 Technology Tools Every Small Business Needs

technology tools every small business needs in 2015

Have a desire to improve your business? You’re not alone. All over the world, thousands of small business owners are working to protect, enrich, and expand their companies through investing in and using the best technology for their businesses. To help you get ahead of the pack, here is our list of 5 technology tools every small business needs.

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Tech Academy: What is a CTO?

what is a cto


No, you’re not looking at a text message from your teenager. These are just a few of the CO acronyms found in the business world. While some of these titles may seem familiar, others can leave a small business owner scratching his head. One commonly confusing position is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). To help you understand this important role within a company, today’s tech academy is going to take a deeper look at the role and functions of this job.

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Tech Academy: Defragmentation


Welcome to Spring Cleaning month on the Digity blog! Over the next few weeks, we’ll spend time exploring how to give your small business (and all of its technology) a good cleaning from top to bottom. To get us started, today’s Tech Academy takes a look at defragmentation.

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