The Easy 3-Step Process for Cleaning Your Desktop

A business man cleans his computer for National Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day

Today, we are celebrating National Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day by, well, cleaning our virtual desktops.

As any small or medium business owner knows, running a business means handling pay cards, shift calendars, expense reports, business proposals, customer information and dozens of other important files.

National Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day is observed on the third Monday of October. Here is our expert advice on the best ways to celebrate.


First things first, look at each icon and file on your desktop and ask yourself ‘do I still need this?’ If the answer is no, then drag it to the Recycle Bin.

If you’re feeling ambitious, open each of your folders and follow the same process.


After you’ve decluttered your desktop, take a look at the remaining icons. Ask yourself, ‘does this belong in an existing folder?’ If the answer is no, either leave it on your desktop or create a folder for that file and its related files.

Too many folders can be just as disabling as loose files. Avoid the folder in a folder in a folder structure by choosing a method that generalizes common file types, such as project based, period based (Q1, Q2, etc.), or recurring subjects (invoices, quotes, etc.).


Finalize your desktop makeover by giving it a tuneup for speed optimization.


A Digity technical expert is available to answer any questions you have or help you clean your virtual desktop. Speak to a live, U.S.-based technician today!


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