Great Tech Support from the Get-Go: Set-up & Installations

Set-up & Installations

Digity will help you set up and install all of the hardware and software that you need to make your small business a success. Call now to learn more!

In our fast-paced business world, every small business is looking for the programs and technology that will give them an edge. However, nothing is more frustrating than having a new computer, device, or program in-hand but no idea how to get it going. While large companies have a CTO or in-house IT to accomplish this work, small businesses often have nowhere to turn and end up pulling employees from their primary responsibilities to “figure it out” and slog their way through it.

As a Digity member, you have access to a whole team of friendly and knowledgeable Tech Advisors who are standing by to help in situations like these. We’re happy to take the burden off your business and make sure everything is correctly set-up and installed.

Start Your Business Technology on the Right Foot

Don’t let a botched set-up or poor installation cause problems for you down the road. We know that your hardware and software will only remain helpful when everything is set up right from the start. Whenever you have a new device or program, give Digity a call, and we will walk you through the entire process. Set-ups and installations that we perform everyday include:

  • Wireless routers and networks
  • Servers and networking
  • Remote access points
  • Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Online security programs
  • Online backup systems
  • New desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Email clients and programs
  • Drivers for printers, faxes, and scanners

We Spend the Time to Get It Right

Unlike other IT services that are worried about sales quotas or time limits, our Tech Advisors’ only concern is to bring you the superior level of service that we’ve built our reputation on. Our US-based, certified technicians will take the time to walk you through you the set-up and installation process, explain how your new device or program works, and answer any questions that you might have. No scripts. No time limits. At Digity, we are here for you – and that makes all the difference.

  • We take care of your technology, so you can grow your business.

  • We relieve the headaches caused by technology, so you can get back to what matters.

  • Data back-up, online security, and tech troubleshooting. We do it all.

  • Let us worry about your technology and free you to focus on your business.

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