Austin Barsalou

Austin Barsalou

Barsalou & Associates, PLLC

Austin’s law firm, Barsalou & Associates, specializes in the real estate business. The complex nature of legal matters makes computers an integral part of his daily work. “We rely on our computers for data access and document assembly, so if we don’t have it, we can’t produce anything. We start losing money the minute the machines go out.”

With Austin being so dependent on reliable business technology, he is no stranger to tech support. “I’ve used some local companies with mixed results. Many had issues with being unresponsive. Most local companies want to have an expensive managed-contract type of relationship, where you pay a big monthly amount for them to come out.”

Being a Digity member changed his perception about outsourced tech support: “It’s possible to have someone that’s not local still produce good results. It’s been good, very satisfactory. We have deadlines that we have to meet, and if we can’t use our equipment, that throws us off. It’s really important to keep it up, keep it all backed up, and keep it well-maintained. You do a good job with that.”

Recently, Austin experienced an annoying on-site server issue that Digity was able to fix. “The server started clicking, been doing it for weeks. Your personnel figured out what was causing the problem, I ordered the part, and then somebody came out to install it for me. First time I’ve had to use on-site. It went smoothly, wasn’t too expensive, and really helped me out. I’m happy we got that server fixed. Kolt and Nathan were knowledgeable and very helpful.”

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