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Bill Abell is a Certified Public Accountant who handled most of his firm’s technology issues on his own. “For most software-related things, I can deal with it myself, but it came an increasing drag on my time,” he stated.

As his firm grew, he knew he needed help. “Years ago, we had a local guy help out, and he would come in once a year to do some maintenance on our computers; get new ones up and running on the network. But he stopped freelancing a few years ago, so we didn’t have that route any longer

After hearing about Digity, his biggest concern was cost. “It was a monthly cost that we just weren’t used to. We’re a small firm—everything we spend comes out of our pockets—so that was a hurdle for us to get over. But it’s turned out to be a big saver, and it’s removed the stress of trying to do it ourselves.”

For Bill, being able to focus on his accounting work is crucial. “To have your normal job, and then to always have to help someone print or figure out why something won’t work—it really throws the stride off your day.  It’s nice to have someone take that on. All the staff have someone to call, and I don’t need to get involved, so all-in-all, that’s a win-win!”

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