Bob Fjeldheim


Land Direct, Inc.

Since opening his first company at the tender age of 11, Bob has always run his own business. Currently a licensed real estate broker in Montana who runs a farm and ranch real estate business, he also has two oil field work companies in North Dakota.

With 53 years of experience in the business world, Bob has a deep understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses. “I’m a people person and a problem solver. The technology stuff is over my head.” In fact, his aversion to technology is so strong, he declares that, “When I retire, I’m gonna drive up to the edge of the Rim Rocks in Billings, which is about a 200-foot drop straight drop, and I’m gonna throw my computer off first, and then my smart phone, and then I’m gonna push my truck off behind it.”

While Bob may not have a love for technology, he recognizes how important it is for his business. After experiencing a hard drive failure a year ago, and concerned about potentially losing any crucial files stored on his computer, Bob first signed up for Digity due to our partnership with Mozy. The wisdom of his decision was made manifest when, a few months later, he lost some critical files on an excel sheet program. “I couldn’t find them so I called Digity. One of your guys went into Mozy and found them and pulled them back up for me. I would have been in a real bind if I couldn’t found that. Rebuilding all of those Excel files would have been a nightmare.”

Bob appreciates the security that comes from Digity’s backup program. It allows him to get back to what is most important in his life, which is “4 children, 7 grandchildren, and a boat out on the lake. That’s really all that matters to me. My work is secondary to them and I do everything I can to schedule my work around my kids.”

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