Doug Folsom


Phase 4 Financial

Doug owns Phase 4 Financial, where he provides part-time CFO services for small-to-medium-sized businesses. He’s been a Digity member for over two years. “It’s been great,” he said. “You guys have been good to respond quickly to my needs.”

Previously, Doug was the CFO of another company, and he described how IT was handled there. “Not very well. We had one guy that knew a little bit so he was crowned ‘the IT guy’ and took care of us as best he could. He knew a little bit, but not nearly enough.” As is the case in many companies, there was no dedicated IT team, and he had to rely on an employee who wasn’t an expert and had other responsibilities within the company.

Now, as a Digity member, he has constant access to expert help. “There’s been a handful of occasions where my computer had issues and I needed immediate help. I was able to call in and get my problem resolved quickly.” He recalled: “Probably one of the best experiences took place on the day I started Phase 4 Financial.  I fired up my computer and no sooner had I done so when the hard drive crashed. What a great way to start the first day of a new business! Digity took the machine, replaced the hard drive, and had my data swapped by the end of the day. It worked out really well.”

Proactive services prevent many of the little problems that used to add up and cause technical issues. “I appreciate the regular Tune-Ups that are scheduled. Sometimes they take a little longer and tie up my machine, and that can be hard. But I know that, in the long run, it needs to be done to make sure my computer stays clean.”

Would Doug recommend Digity membership to other consultants? A quick visit to his website answers that question: “I even have a link to Digity on my website, so I’m a big fan!”


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