Ed Lewis


Sanctuary Arms, LLC

For Ed Lewis of Sanctuary Arms, opening a new business was a surprising twist in life’s journey. “After I retired, my wife and I decided to take the easy road during our Golden Years. We have a large travel trailer and gave ‘playing tourist’ a try, but we soon got sick of it. There was no action, nothing to keep either of our minds churning like they had all our lives. We decided to start a business, because sitting around on the back porch wasn’t doing it for us.”

One can imagine Ed’s surprise when opening one business still wasn’t enough. “We started a firearms business because, being a native Texan, I know the subject well. But my wife loved it and soon took over—and I was stuck on the back porch again. So I started a consulting business that caters to the upstream oil drilling industry. I run the consulting business, and my wife takes care of the gun business.”

Over time, Sanctuary Arms grew to become more than just a rural mom-and-pop store. “We get a lot of police officers and politicians, but mostly, it’s just plain country folk. It’s a full-service business with Concealed Handgun License training, a handgun shooting range, and a trap range. We offer a wide range of weapons and accessories.”

Meanwhile, Ed’s consulting business was developing, too. “The consulting business is run from my home office and, truth be known, is more lucrative than the gun business—but not nearly as much fun. I have some serious challenges when it comes to things like printers, copiers, accounting and filing, so my wife helps me out a lot.”

Becoming a Digity member relieved the stress of running two successful businesses. “Both businesses use Digity to keep the computers running at optimum efficiency, which is a huge help. Before Digity, if something happened, I had to unplug everything and haul it down to the computer shop. I’d be shut down for a week waiting for repairs. Now, they do regular diagnostics remotely, and if something happens like a virus or whatever, all I have to do is call—someone’s on it within minutes.”

For now, Ed and his wife are enjoying the bustle of business life, and Digity keeps their technology running efficiently. But thoughts of retirement are never too far away: “I am fast approaching the age of 71, and my lovely young bride isn’t far behind. Things happen when a body gets old, and I’m finally looking forward to some quality time on the back porch with my wife. I am hopeful that when I reach my 72nd birthday, I’ll truly be unemployed for the first time since Elvis sold his first record.” Until the day Ed hangs up his spurs for good, Digity has his back.


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