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Janet Flint works for Ruggiero & Associates, a small law firm that keeps her very busy. “What do I do? I do everything! Office manager, paralegal, receptionist, gopher… everything. It’s me and the attorney in the office, and I’m responsible for running the office. I do everything—but be a lawyer—and I love it! I absolutely love being in the business.”

Not every business can afford their own IT employee, and this often means calling on others whenever there’s a problem. Janet knew this strategy firsthand: “A local guy I got through the law office that we share space with would come when I called him. Or at least, he would walk me through it, give me a quick fix, or say he’d help me the next time he came around.”

She admitted it wasn’t always a working solution: “He was just someone with his own business that would come and help, and I was happy with him. He’s a nice guy and everything, but I think my one little machine wasn’t worth it for him. He didn’t give me the time of day sometimes. And since I know nothing about computers, sometimes I’d be stuck because I couldn’t get an answer.”

Janet didn’t feel like a priority to her IT person, and although she understood his situation, she needed something better. That’s where the Digity Difference shines. “You guys treat me like a million bucks. I mean, really, you do. I have nothing but high praise for your company. Everyone I have worked with from scheduling to tech support has been absolutely wonderful. They’re patient. They’re knowledgeable. They’re helpful. It’s great!”

Digity puts its members first, so they know they’re always our priority. “Every single time I’ve called with a problem, it’s been fixed. Usually what I’ll do when I’m having a problem is go to my desktop, click that ‘Chat Now’ button, and someone will connect to ask what my issue is. I’ll tell them, and the next thing I know, they’re connected remotely and fixing it. It’s as simple as that!”

With all the other responsibilities she has on her plate, we’re happy to take a small portion of the load from Janet’s shoulders. That’s what the Digity Difference is all about!

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