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Gonzales Construction is a family-owned business, started by Kendra’s father in 1986. Since then, Kendra and her brother have come on board to help manage the company. Specializing in highway construction, guard rails and rumble strips, Gonzales Construction has established a solid reputation for safety and skill.

Before Digity, Kendra called local businesses for technology assistance. “It was okay, but a lot of times, they couldn’t get to us right away. We’d have to wait several days before they had an opening in their schedule to come to our office.”

When the time came to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, she was nervous. Luckily, a Digity representative reached out to help. “We were excited when Digity said they could help with the entire process, and it wouldn’t be a per-hour charge. It would be a plan, so someone would be around to help us through our issues.” One of Digity’s Tech Advisors helped to pull them through the transition, even moving over their important accounting software so no financial data was lost.

Her initial concerns about working with an outsourced IT company evaporated as she talked to our technician. “I felt like the person I talked to was helpful and straightforward. I get nervous if someone doesn’t give me a lot of information—it feels like they’re holding something back. But he was willing to give me plenty, which helped build trust.”

Since then, Gonzales Construction has become a loyal Digity member. “It’s been great,” Kendra said. “We love the instantaneous contact. We can click that icon on the desktop, and someone gets in contact within the hour. And if it’s something that can wait, they’ll schedule a time that works for everybody.”

How else has Digity changed how Kendra does business? “It’s given me the ability to work from my home office, and without technology, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I can work 8 hours away from our main office and feel like I’m right there with everyone else.” And if any tech issues threaten her productivity, Digity is just one call away.

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    You keep it up now, unddnstare? Really good to know.


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