Margot Murphy

Margot Murphy

Consultant & Author

Margot is a writer, speaker and consultant. She relies on technology to write, as well as connect with her audience and peers. With her constant on-the-go schedule, she doesn’t have time to waste on computer hang-ups. As she artfully put it: “Life is too complex and demanding to take our focus off the road. We also don’t have time to learn everything it takes to keep us running. We have a car, but we don’t build the engine, and very few get under the hood themselves to fix it.”

When Margot first heard about Digity, it sounded too good to be true. Previous experiences with IT firms taught her to be wary of hidden fees and extra charges. She described repair calls from the past: “Well, that isn’t included—you have to pay more for that. And that.” Then she added: “You find that the investigation time to get started wasn’t included, or there is a $19.95 every time charge up front each time you call just to get started.”

Though she was a bit skeptical, Margot signed up with Digity for a trial. Her first surprise was discovering that there really weren’t any hidden fees. Her second surprise was the technicians’ high level of talent and skill—and she could sit and watch them work, right there on her screen.

Now, Margot can trust the security and performance of her technology. With a trusted Tech Advisor only one call away, it’s easy to see how Digity gives Margot’s business the boost it needs to move even faster.


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