Scott Vigoren


Vigoren & Company CPA

Scott works for a CPA firm called Vigoren & Company, and his job responsibilities run the gamut. “I’m kind of the in-house ‘jack of all, master of none,’ you could say. I spent some time in college working on accounting, and then spent quite a while at another college working on an IT degree. We do bookkeeping, year-round accounting, and tax preparation.”

Handling complex financial work for a variety of clients without reliable computers would be a nightmare, if not impossible. “When the computer shuts down, we can’t work. We don’t do tax returns by hand anymore.”

So, Vigoren & Company hired a IT firm to help keep their technology in line. “We had a firm, a fairly large company here that does IT service. When we started out with them, they were a pretty small company. But as they grew and became more widely used, we started feeling like we were put on the back burner.”

Soon, they felt more like an inconvenience than a valued client. “It was frustrating because, whenever we had an issue or emergency, it seemed like they were always off on some other call, or working with a bigger client who had more pull than we did.”

Scott realized it was time for a change, and the company began shopping around for a more proactive solution. “When we started with Digity, it felt more personal, and help is more accessible. Monitoring is more preventative than maintenance. We don’t have the kinds of issues that we used to—that would happen all of a sudden and we’d go ‘Where’d this come from?!’ I’m not doing a daily assessment of the system or the network, nor do I have the knowledge and expertise to keep up with the daily new threats.”

Now, Vigoren & Company is protected from any digital threat, plus they receive expert technical support any time their system is in need. Scott recalled: “Our most recent problem was when we had a motherboard issue with our server that basically shut us down. It was immediate assistance—and it was above and beyond, because Kolt sent Vihn down here to do an assessment of what was going on. We were up and running again within a lot less time than it would’ve been without Digity.”

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