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How Digity Works

From our service calls to our proactive support options, Digity uses remote-access support to keep your computer safe and secure. 

Digity members have the best tech support for small businesses at their fingertips. There are a variety of ways that Digity can serve you and your business, and they all rely on our premium level of remote-access computer support. Instead of sending a technician to your house or having you disconnect your computer and take it into a shop, we utilize remote technology and the Internet to provide the highest – and quickest – level of SMB tech support. From our service calls to our proactive support options, we use remote-access support to keep your computer safe and secure.

What is Remote-Access Computer Support?


Remote-access support uses a technology called screen sharing. When you call in for support, we will send you to a specific website with a code that is unique to your computer. When you enter this code, it gives your Digity tech team member one-time access to your computer through the Internet. This gives your tech team member the opportunity to see exactly what you are seeing on your computer screen, as well as ask permission to take the steps necessary to identify and solve any problems.

How Secure is Remote-Access Computer Support?

Remote-access computer support is 100% secure. We use bank-level security to ensure that no one else can gain access to your computer. There is also an additional level of security in being able to watch everything that the technician is doing in real-time. Instead of turning your computer over to someone and hoping they are worthy of your trust, you can supervise each step of the repair process. The Digity tech team member will also stay in contact with you either in chat or over the phone throughout the repair service, helping you understand what’s going on in your computer.

Why Use Remote-Access Support?

At Digity, we are committed to using technology to improve your life and your business. We use remote-access support to give you a superior level of fast and friendly service. Remote-access support gives you instant computer help in the most convenient way possible. No longer do you have to struggle through long phone instructions, wait around for a technician, or spend days with your computer in the shop. With remote-access support, your technology is fixed fast, so you can get back to the important demands of your business.

  • We take care of your technology, so you can grow your business.

  • We relieve the headaches caused by technology, so you can get back to what matters.

  • Let us worry about your technology and free you to focus on your business.

  • Data back-up, online security, and tech troubleshooting. We do it all.

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