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Digity is an all-in-one tech support service specifically designed for micro & small businesses who desire affordable, reliable technical support.

America is a nation which encourages opportunity and ingenuity, and nowhere is this entrepreneurship more evident than the small business market. According to the 2011 US Business Census, over 5.1 million businesses in the United States have fewer than 20 employees. This dwarfs the nearly 600,000 US businesses with more than 20 employees – and even then, the vast majority still clock in fewer than 500. It’s easy to see that small businesses are booming. Their scale and flexibility often make them better situated to handle economic crises and adapt to our changing world.

With our society’s ever-increasing dependence on technology, it’s more crucial than ever that small businesses have a strong level of tech support in order to reach their goals and fulfill their missions. However, many find that a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or an in-house IT department costs far more than their budget will allow. They’re often stuck seeking the level of tech support they deserve with the budget limitations that they have.

Finally, Tech Support that’s Just Right for SMBs


Digity was created to step in and fill that very need. Digity is an all-in-one tech support service that is specifically designed for small businesses who desire premier technical support. We love helping start-ups, family-owned and local businesses, and the self-employed reach their dreams.

Instead of paying for a full-time CTO or in-house IT crew, your membership with Digity gives you access to instant tech support at a fraction of the cost. Whether it is fixing your computer, troubleshooting your network, or connecting all of your mobile devices, we want to give you fast and friendly service.

When you have comprehensive support, you get to focus your time and energy on helping your business to grow and thrive. After all, you have plenty of worries connected to your small business. Your technology shouldn’t be one of them.

Digity puts you and your business first–and that’s a nice place to be. Call us today to learn more about our monthly memberships and get a free technical analysis!

  • Let us worry about your technology and free you to focus on your business.

  • We relieve the headaches caused by technology, so you can get back to what matters.

  • Data back-up, online security, and tech troubleshooting. We do it all.

  • We take care of your technology, so you can grow your business.

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